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In the mood for some luck o’ the Irish? Sign up for our March virtual race, the Run With Me Lucky Charm 5K. An ideal way to earn (or run/walk off) those green beers and bagels (and everything else!) the virtual race is scheduled from Friday, March 17 through Thursday, March 23. (Of course, once you register and receive your race packet, you’re more than free to participate earlier – or later – depending on your schedule.) After all, here are the rules: run or walk the 3.1 miles whenever, and wherever you like – and then reward yourself with our sparkling authentic race medal that’s not only a race medal, but also a bottle opener (remember that green beer?) and has a detachable lucky charm.
Lucky Charm Virtual Race PacketI may have mentioned (once or twice) that I love sparkling things, and this gold-tone clover charm with silver sparkle is ideal to clip on a chain or bracelet, a keychain, wear as a lucky  shoelace charm, a zipper pull – or any other way you want to use it. It’s also a perfect way to share your medal with the person you run for if you participate in I Run For Michael, something I know many of you do.
Lucky Charm Race Charmcharm necklace on chainLucky charm on sneaker

 It’s easy to be a part of this fun virtual race that’s certainly a lucky choice to register for if it’s your first. Just sign up and we’ll send you your race packet with an authentic, individually numbered race bib and medal. As always, I encourage first-time runners to give virtual races a chance. They’re the perfect way to wet your feet, so to speak (though I certainly hope the weather will be lovely and dry for your run) when it comes to participating in a 5K, as you won’t have to deal with crowds and waves of people, designated start times, or perhaps, a route you find unpleasant. You’re in control of everything – and decide whether to run alone, with a friend, or with a group. At the same time, you’ll be running with the knowledge that you have the support of the Gone For a Run virtual race community, who share race photos and stories on our Facebook page. (If you don’t have a Facebook account – no worries! Send your photos and stories straight to me at

Your participation in the race also helps others, as a portion of every registration fee will be donated to Achilles International, a non-profit charity that supports and provides a supportive community for athletes with disabilities – encouraging them to get involved in running, which also builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment, both by running with other disabled runners as well as able-bodied runners, with awards for both categories. We love the mission and goals of this charity and are happy to support them, and have them as a part of our virtual running community.

As a gift to you, we also offer discounted prices on race-appropriate attire (applicable at time of race packet purchase) including lucky T-Shirts, socks, and a runner’s tutu (which is always a favorite).
clover run race special tutu race special

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – or just add some luck to your run – with our Run With Me Lucky Charm 5K virtual race and sign up today. Who knows? It might even be your lucky day where you shatter your PR, or, if it is your first race, surprise yourself and eradicate any doubts you had about signing up.  Whatever you do, have fun, and know we’re with you, running together as part of the Gone For a Run virtual run community.

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