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PR SOLES The Original Recovery Sandals

After a long run, what is one of the first things you want to do? Free your tired, aching feet from the “foot prison” that your running shoes and socks have become, suddenly feeling like damp, lead weights as opposed to the gloriously comfortable running shoes you fell in love with when you purchased them.  Going barefoot or wearing regular flip flops helps a little, but there has to be a better answer, doesn’t there? Enter: PR SOLES® recovery sandals, a lightweight, breathable pair of sandals with a cushioned ACUPOINT® sole that provides a massage-like sensation while you walk for an incredibly comfortable sandal that is specifically designed to help your feet and legs recover from a long or strenuous run.

ACUPOINT®, you say? I’m going to need to know some more about this.

ACUPOINT® soles have raised “triggers” on them – and vaguely look like egg crate – that massage the nerve endings in the feet, sending waves of relief up your body, from your feet, to your legs, to even your lower back.  They also stimulate blood flow to improve circulation, which feels amazing after taking off those tightly laced running shoes – and can even help to reduce swelling (a dream come true, especially after warmer weather runs). You can feel them working as you walk, or even while sitting down and flexing your feet against the trigger points – and after you take them off, your feet are all but asking you to put them back on. They do everything a quality recovery sandal should do: they make your feet feel great after a run (or even a long day on your feet.)

PR SOLES Recovery Sandals

Are there other benefits to these sandals?

The soles help break up pockets of lactic acid in the feet, which can cause pain after a run, especially when the run involves less common motions, such as when running downhill. The more quickly the lactic acid breaks down, the more quickly we can resume working out those sore muscles. As such, PR SOLES® may help shorten the recovery time between runs – something every runner will love. They also stimulate nerve endings, for added comfort that benefits sore legs, as you will walk less gingerly and stretch your muscles in a more natural way.

What are PR SOLES® made from?

The recovery sandals are made from durable, water-resistant rubber that absorbs impact when you’re walking – though they’re incredibly soft and comfortable, and don’t need to be “broken in” the way so many sandals and shoes do. Further, unlike most sandals, they’re safe to wear almost anywhere, as they have a non-slip design. The ACUPOINT® soles are made from a dense foam that does not lose its shape over time.Many runners find themselves not only wearing them after a run, but as everyday sandals when the weather is warm because they are just that comfortable and relaxing. After all, happy feet = happy runners.

What if I’m not a fan of slide-on sandals?

Not to worry – PR SOLES® are also available in a flip flop version that provides all the same benefits, and are made from the same materials, but have a comfortable thong design for runners who prefer this type of sandal.

PR SOLES Recovery Flip Flops

At the end of the day – and of course, after a long run – you’ll find PR SOLES® an indispensable addition to your running gear – and something you bring along to races or marathons to slide into as soon as you cross the finish line. You’ll probably even notice other runners doing the same, as we all have the same goal: completing the race, recovering, and getting back out there to run and get ready for the next one.

Happy running – and recovering!