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On August 5th, 2014, at the age of 32, Rebecca Griffiths was diagnosed with inoperable liver and bowel cancer. With two children, Benjamin 7 months old, William, 5 years old, and husband, she was told that she had between two weeks and a few months to live.

After three months of chemo, her liver had shrunk back to normal size, and the dark splotches reduced significantly. Her doctor, Dr. Palmer, said "This does not happen; this is amazing."

This positive news gave Rebecca even more strength to beat cancer and got her back into her running routine. Rebecca told herself that she would be able to run a half marathon by this time next year, then laced up her shoes and walked two and a half miles.

Rebecca planned on running the Perkins Great Eastern Race, a race taking place on October 11th, 2015, 14 months and 6 days after the doctors told her the devastating news. With only three months remaining before the race, Rebecca has gathered over 230 individuals to run with her on Team Bex. Though still receiving chemo treatments three times every other week, Team Bex meets for training every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays with new members joining every session.

Team Bex has raised nearly, $7,600 for the Hunts Community Cancer Network, a non-profit that helped individuals manage their disease, teaching patients how to live with cancer, not just accept it.

Now at age 33, Rebecca, is still fighting strong. Every run she passed the hospital where she was diagnosed and says "See, I told you. Don’t ever count me out. When I cross that finish line in October it will be very emotional. But that won’t be the finish line for me. It’s going to provide a message that I am going to keep going for a long time.”

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