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Ever notice that more women are running half marathons? U.S. News shares some secrets of what’s driving women to sign up for these races, other than the trendy race perks of course.

  • Running provides you with a long term way to deal with your emotions. Rather than sitting in front of the television with a tub of chocolate ice cream, watching re-runs of Friends or How I Met Your mother after an emotional breakdown,  you can clear your mind and escape your emotions by going for a run.
  • “[It’s] empowering to be around other women who have this passion for running and a healthy drive to be very active in life.” -Laura Clugston
  • Many half marathons have a festival like component or nature to them which catches women’s attention.
  • All you really need to run is time and shoes and because of this, many women are starting to reclaim their athleticism
  • There are many races targeted for women, including the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and the Divas Half Marathon. Women come together for a weekend and eat, drink, have a great time and of course run a race.
  • For many women, races provide a stress-free environment where they can feel inspired, empowered and comfortable in their bodies, no matter their size.
  • Social Media is playing a role in engaging women in the running community because women are social creatures. They will post on their social media pages about a race in and within minutes she went from running the race solo to running with a group of her friends.
  • If you stop and walk during a race, no one is going to judge you.
  • Stepping​ over the finish line makes you a stronger woman and makes you feel good about your body.

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