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Trying to convince a friend or family member to become a runner? Try using some of these BuzzFeed facts to convince them to start running.

  • Nature beats fluorescent lights every time
  • It’s the best cardio workout
  • Attractive people run. So you’ll meet and see lots of eye candy
  • You get to collect race bibs
  • …and medals
  • Running is so versatile that you can do it anywhere, all you need is a pair of good running shoes
  • Running produces more endorphins than any other activity
  • It’s a great excuse to listen to your guilty pleasure pop music
  • Running doesn’t actually wreck your knees
  • You can apply running skills to everyday life
  • Even most Presidents have been active joggers
  • Setting goals (even as small as a 5K) gives you an unbeatable sense of accomplishment
  • You can go for a run with someone if you are feeling social, or go solo if you’re not
  • Your running partner always has your back
  • Running helps lessen the effects of anxiety and depression
  • Fuel belts make you feel bad ass
  • You won’t feel guilty about ordering dessert
  • We don’t waste money on gym memberships, running outside is free
  • Running pants. need I say more ladies?
  • Running is great for your skin
  • Nothing beats the thrill of completing a tough course
  • Running can be a great way to give back
  • Running is good for your brain
  • There is always a reason to run