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Have you already broken your New Years resolution? Maybe you hit snooze this morning instead of going out for a run. Today I read a story on CNN that stunned me and made me reconsider my own goals for the year. Prepare yourself to feel unaccomplished. While you slept, shopped and ate your way through this holiday season, Jayson Black ran a marathon a day. That's right a superhuman IT consultant decided to run 26.2 miles a day for 26 days to raise money for Three Square Food Bank of Southern Nevada.

I am absolutely amazed by this man's dedication! Jayson Black started his mission on Thanksgiving day and finished December 23, 2013.  Over the next 26 days Black ran a total of 681.2 miles. This man has definitely gone beyond the title of "Iron Man", over his journey he suffered a shin injury as well as a stress fracture. I can barely run when I pull a muscle, I can't imagine running through a stress fracture!

The goal of this Forest Gump level run was to raise $4,000 for hios local food bank. During the time Black was running, he didn't check in on how far along he was. In fact he had no intention of checking until his miles were complete. By the end of 26 days Black had raised $4,024. He was honored by having December 23, 2013 declared Jayson Black Day.

A fact that takes this story from impressive to mind blowing is that Black ate strictly vegan during the 26 days. He started at 130lbs and by day 16 has shrunken to 123lbs. I find this man's strength and determination inspiring but, his mission slightly irresponsible. I would not recommend anyone attempting this themselves, unless you are a professional level athlete. Losing that much weight so quickly can cause serious health problems, even heart attacks. Plus running through a fracture can cause injuries to become worse.

If you want to give back to your community I recommend doing something less drastic. Jayson Black is obviously secretly a super hero to survive this insane challenge. Even he agrees that people don't have to go the same route as him for charity.

"You don't have to run 26 marathons in 26 days to make someone smile. You don't have to do crazy epic stuff. Any one of us can make a difference.", said Black.

At Gone For a Run we give back through the 'Run with Us' community outreach program. The programs promote awareness for current and future runners. How do you give back? Or do you want to start? Tell us what your favorite charity is or how you give back through your running. Tell us here or on Facebook!