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[caption id="attachment_3773" align="alignright" width="491"]Find the perfect gift for the marathoner in your life Find the perfect gift for the marathoner in your life[/caption]

Every runner on the face of the planet knows this weekend is the New York City Marathon. Here at Gone For a RUN many people on our team will be running in the race, which means the rest of us have been shopping for gifts. If you have a special runner in your life that is running in an upcoming marathon, or has ran one in the past, you know how difficult it can be to come up with a nice congratulatory, birthday or holiday gift. Running isn't just a hobby for  marathoners, it's a way of life, which puts added pressure on the gift buying process. To help ease the stress we have created a guide full of gift ideas for marathoners! These have been selected by marathoners for marathoners.

Our top gift for marathoners is our Bib Coasters. These are perfect for the marathoner that has a stack of race bibs laying around and doesn't know what to do with them. All you have to do is scan or photograph the bib, or bibs, and send in the image. Then we take that image and reproduce it onto our coasters. This is great because the person gets to keep their original bib to be saved or displayed. These stone coasters are the perfect conversation piece for their home or  office and a socially acceptable way to brag about all your marathon accomplishments. There are tons of great gifts you can make out of a bib, so if they have dozens of bibs you can create multiple gifts.

Marathoners love our famous Running Bears. This bear is perfect because it can be personalized in so many ways. You can decide what goes on the bear's headband, t-shirt, racing bib and even have the little medal engraved if you like. This gift is perfect to meet your runner at the finish line with, making every runner feel like an Olympian no matter their time.

If you're lucky enough to have a lovely lady marathoner in your life, then I recommend looking at our jewelry options. There are dozens of options for marathon sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, charms, earrings and rings. Any girl would love to show off her accomplishment with one of these beautiful pieces of jewelry. One of our most popular necklaces is the Sterling Silver 26.2 Marathon Heart Pendant Necklace. We even received an email from a happy runner saying,"I love this pendant, it's a beautiful piece of jewelry.The 26.2 seats in the heart and doesn't scream 26.2 but is ever so subtle - it looks like a lovely design in the heart until you get up close and can see the 26.2 clearly" - J. Elizabeth. These sterling silver pieces are sure to be cherished for years and years to come.

One of our most popular jewelry gifts is our hand stamped necklaces. These are necklaces with charms that are hand crafted here, and many of the options can be personalized with your own text. Many people give necklaces with initials stamped in or the race distance. The more personal the gift, the more she will love it.

Are you shopping for a medal hunting runner? Many of my own friends will run a marathon just for the medal at the end. If you have a medal collector in your life, get them a Medal Hanger! There are countless design options for these medal hangers They come in black metal silhouetted designs as well as ones that are printed with different designs including many that can be personalized. No matter who the runner is or what their taste is, there is a medal hanger for them. There is also an optional extension bar that can hold an additional 20 medals. These are easily mounted to the wall so that they can display their medals proudly. Get them out of that dirty drawer and show off all the hard work!

Marathoners track hundreds of miles each year which is a lot of stress on feet and joints. Every runner needs a pair of PR Soles Recovery Sandals! These are the perfect gift to have waiting for someone after a marathon. Walking around in these sandals feels like getting a massage.
These are just some of the great things these sandals do:
1. Improves circulation by stimulating blood flow, which will refresh the feet and legs.
2. Breaks up accumulated wastes such as lactic and uric acid in the feet.
3. Alleviates foot, leg and lower back pain
4. Reduces swelling and tension
5. Stimulates nerve endings benefiting the entire body
6. Feet and legs recover faster

Give the gift of pain relief and help keep your marathoner able to keep on running!

If you are looking for a small gift for the holiday season, then I recommend giving one of our Running Resin Figure Ornaments. These adorable ornaments are made to look like a miniature version of your favorite marathoner. These make great gifts for Christmas parties, especially ornament swaps or as a stocking stuffer. These little people come with blank bibs that can be filled in with a temperament marker.

Lastly we have our BibDisplay. These are frames that are made to display and protect your race bib for years to come. The frames can be displayed standing on a desk or mounted on a wall. If you know a marathoner that works in an office they can show off by displaying it on their desk. These frames are 12" x 10" so they fit most race bibs. The BibDisplays come in many different designs, like "My First Marathon" or they can be customized with your own text. Race bibs are something marathoners like to keep and cherish for years to come, this gift will ensure they survive the test of time.

If you need even more gift ideas just go to our website and look around! Tell us about your favorite gift you received after a marathon! Tell us here or on Facebook. You can also show us on Instagram! Just add #GoneForaRUN to your photo.