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Maybe you’re making Valentines with your kids and want to share some of that love with your running friends.  Have at it – we haven’t forgotten about you at all.  Bring back some of that nostalgia and make someone’s day with these cute running-themed valentines.  All you’ll need is a printer stocked with paper, scissors, and some stickers or tape to seal the envelope. (For added sturdiness, you could print on cardstock, or glue the regular paper to thin cardboard or construction paper and cut after the glue is dry.)

Step 1: Choose your Valentine.  We have three for runners – you can use the one you like best or mix and match. Decide how many you will need, and print them, along with the corresponding number of envelopes.

running_valentines_Sole Sister running_valentines_Running Through My Mind running_valentines_I Didn't Know Angels Could Run


Your free downloads can be found here:
Sole Sister Valentine’s Day Card
Running Through My Mind Valentine’s Day Card
I Didn’t Know Angels Could Run Valentine’s Day Card

Step 2: To make your envelopes:

(1) Flip paper over so the blank side is facing you
(2) Fold the right side over and crease at the # 1 fold line. Do the same for the left side and crease at the # 2 fold line.
(3)  Fold the top down at the # 3 fold line. Do the same for bottom and crease at the # 4 fold line.
(4) Open heart, and cut along the dotted line.
Step 3: Insert your Valentine into the envelope.
Step 4: Seal with a sticker of your choice or some tape, and you’re done!

Step 3: Insert your Valentine into the envelope.

Step 4: Seal with a sticker of your choice or some tape, and you’re done!

Of course,  before sealing the envelope, you could include one of our online gift cards. Choose a  card in any value and e-mail it to yourself to print out and include in the envelope with the Valentine.  (You can also just e-mail the gift card to the recipient – it’s up to you!)  Make someone special’s  Valentine’s Day all the more brighter with some sweet swag of their choice from Gone For a Run!


Our running gift store is full of some great ideas for every runner, but we thought you might also like:

Running Journals: The best way to keep track of goals, progress, and personal bests is to keep a running journal. (And be sure to note special achievements and special rewards.)  Runners who keep a regular running journal find they are able to gauge their progress more accurately than those who rely on memory alone. It can be a great boost to think you had a terrible week and find out you actually met some goals – and an even greater motivator to reach new ones once they’re committed to the page in ink!

Wine glasses: For the runner (or 10 runners!) you know who loves to relax with a nice glass of wine, these running-themed wine glasses are an excellent choice to combine their two loves.  I’m, personally, a fan of the “run done, wine now” but they’re all equally spiffy and truly, the best of both worlds.

PR//SOLES Recovery Sandals: What’s better than a glass of wine after a long run? A glass of wine while wearing our PR SOLES Recovery Sandals, designed to alleviate foot, leg, and lower  back pain,while reducing swelling and tension, to allow feet and legs to recover faster after a long run.  There’s no runner who couldn’t use a little bit more of that!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Gone For a RUN!

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