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airmuffsIt's been an ice cold winter with plenty of snow, and there is more to come. The hardest part about winter runs for me is how icey cold my face gets. You know the feeling, as soon as you begin your run, it's as if mother nature decided to slap you in the face.  I hate wearing hats when I go out for a run because I never know where to put my hair, and I don't want to ruin my nice fashion muffs with sweat.

This winter Gone For a Run has come to the rescue with the new airMUFF. They keep your ears warm like standard ear muffs but are made for runners. These ear muffs are extremely light weight ( hence the name airMUFF) and are so comfortable you forget you're wearing them. They stay where they are due to an adjustable, stretch strap that won't slide around while you're running like a lot of headbands or hats will.

My favorite feature of these ear muffs is that they actually have room built in to accompany head phones. They have a little gap tat an ear bud can fit into, that means no more pain from having your ear bud forced into your ear.  Since the ear phone is held pleasantly in place you won't have the alternate problem hats can cause of the head phone falling out. There is nothing more annoying than constantly having to adjust yourself while running.

These muffs are also made of wicking performance fabric, so they stay dry as you run. This may not sound like anything to get excited about, but in the winter even semi damp clothing increases the chances of hypothermia and frost bite. Personally I enjoy having all my limbs, so I don't take any risks in the cold.

There is more snow in the forecast this weekend so hurry and get yours before it's time to head back out and shovel again. Then head over to our Facebook page to stay up to date on coupons, new products and everything running!