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When you finish a race, there are so many great things going through your mind. First of all, you did it! You pushed through the difficult parts and didn’t give up (even if you thought about it once or twice.) You experienced your second wind. And maybe your third.  And then you crossed that finish line, tired, but satisfied, and are finally awarded that medal. The one you earned that day – and the days and weeks and months leading up to the race, training no matter what the weather.  It’s a great feeling.  But when you get home, you’re faced with the question of what to do with that medal… and other medals you have accumulated since you started running.

Well… wonder no more. Display them with one of our beautiful MedalART wall medal displays. Our metal MedalART displays are not just any old medal display – they are works of art with dozens of styles, ensuring there is something for every runner’s unique personality and home decor.

Princess Runner Inspiration

You can purchase the Princess Runner MedalART Hanger here.
You can purchase the Inspiration MedalART Hanger here.

26.2 Variant 13.1 Math Miles

And celebrate your marathon pride with different styles of 13.1 and 26.2 MedalART hangers – and there are more varieties on our site as well.
Purchase the 26.2 MedalART Hanger here.
Purchase the 13.1 Math Miles MedalART Hanger here.

All of the above MedalART medal hangers can hold 24 medals. If you feel like that’s not enough, we offer an extension bar, which can be easily added to the display to hold an additional 24 medals.

Extension BarNeat, right? You can order an extension bar here and just like that, your MedalART Hanger can hold double the medals.
…and if that isn’t enough? Well, we have an extra large, “Always Earned Never Given” MedalART display that can hold 96 medals.  That’s a lot of running – and if you have 96 medals, I’d actually be disappointed (even if I don’t know you) if you didn’t have a display that could show off that kind of achievement, because you more than earned it!

Extra Long Always Earned Never Given


Purchase your Always Earned, Never Given XL MedalART Hanger here.

And finally, for those of you really looking for a combination of styles, we have wood-mounted MedalART hangers (available on Green Wood, Oak Wood, and Mahogany Wood – your choice) for the same functionality and ease of use, with a slightly different style.

Wood Mounted MedalART Magical MilesPurchase your wood-mounted Magical Miles MedalART Hanger here.

And if none of these are the perfect fit for you, just check out the dozens of different styles of MedalART Hangers and choose the one that you know will be just perfect for you to display all of those medals you worked so hard for.  Happy running!

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