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Cool Weather Running Tips

Now that the summer has taken its final bow and autumn has arrived, it’s time to start preparing for running in the cooler weather, which will soon be followed by the cold weather. While there are some things that are better about cooler weather runs, every season presents its own unique challenges for runners that make us start to think maybe a treadmill isn’t the worst idea in the world… for a minute or two, anyway. We know we’d miss running the open roads too much.  Here are some great ways to stay warm, safe, and comfortable when running in the cool and cold weather this year.

As the days get shorter, it’s somewhat hard to run when the sun is at its strongest, especially if you are used to running at night or morning to accommodate a work schedule. But do what you can to get as much sunshine as possible while running – it’s not only safer, in a general sense, to run when you are most visible (daylight) but you’ll be warmer with some sun on you than you will be without it.  Regardless of what time of day you run, it’s always a good idea to dress in layers, as what’s perfect when you start your run may not feel so great once you’re warmed up and still have miles to go.  The layers will enable you to remove some clothing so you don’t overheat as your body temperature rises and you begin to perspire.

01. Our RokBAND multifunctional headbands are ideal for dressing in layers, as they can be used in so many ways. You can wear it unrolled like a beanie and fold it over into a thick or thin headband as your run progresses. Alternately, you could have it on as a thick headband, and if the winds pick up, slide it down to cover your face or neck like a scarf or face mask would so you can finish your run a little more comfortably.  Available in a plethora of colors, and designs, including seasonal designs and personalizable bands, RokBANDs might be one of a runner’s best friends.  Pick one – or a few – up here.


02. Along slightly similar lines, our tech headbands are designed to keep your ears dry and warm, which is important, as your ears are particularly vulnerable to the cold and wind when running. That’s why they tend to turn red and burn. Nobody has time for that, so protect them with an extra layer of moisture-wicking material that you can wear over or under a beanie hat for layered head and ear protection.



03. We love our all-weather beanie hats that are also made from moisture-wicking Coolmax® microfiber fabric to help you stay comfortable and dry by wicking moisture from your skin. They are also made from stretchy material that you can pull down over your ears and forehead. Don’t forget there are tons of personalizable designs to choose from because nobody said you aren’t allowed to look as great as you feel when you’re running. This is the perfect layered combination to ensure your ears and head are properly covered when running in all temperatures.

cool weather beanie hat

04. On windy days, try to run against the wind for first half of your run. Sure, it’s unpleasant at times, but when would you prefer to have the wind in your face? When you’re starting your run? Or on the way back during the second half of your run? You can’t always have it that way (no matter what the Irish Proverb wishes you) so choose wisely!  While you’re doing this, don’t forget that, much like your ears, your fingers tend to get cold more quickly than other body parts, and gloves are essential when running in the cold weather (and optimal when it’s cool). You’ll love our touch screen gloves because you don’t have to take them off to use the phone or adjust the volume or change a song on modern MP3 players.  Oh, and they keep your fingers and hands warm while running. You’ll love that, too. They’re made from warm acrylic that wicks away moisture and is a breathable fabric for a comfortable pair of gloves that you’ll never want to be without.


05. Now how about those feet and legs? Our compression socks are a favorite of runners for a reason – they  keep you warmer because the tight fit keeps in the warm air, because they are made of moisture-wicking performance material to keep your feet dry and warm, but also have graduated compression to provide support and improve blood flow in the legs. Pair them with our lightweight, running performance tights for layered comfort. These stretchy tights are perfect for cool or cold weather running because they aren’t too heavy and you won’t start overheating after you’ve warmed up. They’re also made from a blend of  moisture-wicking nylon/poly/spandex to keep you dry and comfortable – and warm.  They even have a roll-down waistband for the most comfortable fit.

cool-weather-compression-socks cool-weather-performance-tights

06. Runners love our long sleeve tech tees when it’s cool out. They have a relaxed fit and are moisture-wicking – yet perfect for layering.  They’re made from 100% polyester microfiber to perform no matter how long or far you’re running. The long sleeves keep your arms warm and when there’s less moisture on your skin, you’ll be able to concentrate on your run a lot better that you would in a regular long sleeve T-Shirt.  They also have great designs, many of which you can personalize for a great gift idea. Alternately, our lightweight running performance hoodies are an equally comfortable choice that layers well, and is made from performance fabric to keep you warm and dry while running and has great designs – but also has a hood, if that’s your thing.  It also has a slimmer cut, for runners who like their gear to fit a little more snugly.  Both tops are an excellent choice for staying warm while running when it’s cold out and layer perfectly – perhaps even with each other!

cool-weather-tech-tee cool-weather-performance-hoodie

07. Finally, try to remember even though it’s cool or cold out and it’s not as obvious as it may be in spring or summer, you’re still working hard running and you’re sweating (if you weren’t, would you need all this moisture-wicking clothing?) so make sure to stay hydrated and fueled properly when running.  Take all of these tips into consideration for safe and happy autumn and winter running.  Wishing you the best out there!  Did I miss anything? Do you have some tips that have never failed you when running during the cooler half of the year? Let me know – send an email to and I’ll share some of the best tips in a future blog post.

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