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As we’re heading into the spring running season, it’s a great time to sit back and reflect upon and remember some of the great races we ran in the past years.  We love to look at our hard-earned bibs and medals, though one thing we realized a while ago was, such trophies deserved a place to “live” (for lack of a better word), where we could display them proudly and easily find our favorite  medals and bibs.

….and just like that. the BibFOLIO Plus was born.  And quickly became one of our top selling items, to the point that we completely sold out of them for a while.   During that seemingly interminable wait, we missed them. You missed them.  We waited every day, hoping it would finally happen.  And now it has.  The perennial favorite BibFOLIO Plus is finally back in stock and available for purchase!

bibfolio plus image

For the runner who loves to display their bibs and medals, this is the ultimate way to show off your race bling.  It can hold up to 24 medals and 100 race bibs, and is a piece of art in its own right, with dozens of designs to choose from.  (And that’s not even counting the personalization you can choose! Add an extension bar for even more medals! Add some vinyl bib protector sheets to keep your bibs fresh as… well, the last time you wore them (and also display photos, ticket stubs, or other race mementos)! Add Race RECAP or STAT inserts and suddenly, you also have a race journal as part of your display.  While it’s not that difficult to find ways to display bibs, or ways to display medals, this possibly the most versatile one you’ll find – and it offers you the convenience of a single display to hold everything you could imagine.

If you’re thinking it’s time to organize and display your medals and bibs – the ones you already have and the ones you will have after all the races you have planned for this year – why not check out a BibFOLIO Plus?  We’re sure you’ll love it and wonder how and why you ever kept your bibs and medals in a shoe box or a drawer for so long!

Go get your BibFOLIO Plus now, before they sell out… again!

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