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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic run – either on your own (and show your love for the sport) or with a partner for a special date that will definitely be memorable and a lot more fun – and less crowded – than the boring old “dinner and a movie” everyone does on Valentine’s Day. Sign up for our Love 2 Run Virtual Race and run (or walk) 2.14 miles. You’ll even get a sparkly, heart-shaped medal when you’ve completed the race. What could be more romantic?

When you register for the Love 2 Run Virtual 2.14 Mile Race, we’ll send you an official race packet with your medal, an authentic race bib, and a “heart to run” car magnet, so everyone will know which sport stole your heart.  The race is officially scheduled to run from February 14 through February 20th, 2017, though we really aren’t fans of enforcing the rules, so feel free to put on your running shoes and run your 2.14 miles a little earlier or a little later. That’s the beauty of virtual races – you decide when, where, and how you run them – and get to award yourself the medal you ultimately earn… your way.

Love 2 Run Race Packet

Love 2 Run race bib removable-heart-tokens-from-medal

Whether you’re running by yourself or with a partner, you won’t be alone, as there will be virtual runners participating in the race all over the country. They’re a great way to train for marathons and other races, or they can be the only races in which you participate, as you’ll be collecting medals and race bibs with each race you sign up for. You’ll never have to deal with the pressures of being in a specific place at an assigned time – or tons of runners surrounding you, which is something beginners (or people who just don’t like crowds)  tend to find especially intimidating. Virtual races are an ideal way to ease into running a specific distance, as you’re in control of everything else.

Our Virtual Race Facebook page is a great way to become more familiar with some of the runners who participate in our races, as they share stories that range from inspiring and motivational to purely fun tales that are hilarious. After you finish your race, be sure to share your story and photos – and if you don’t have Facebook, feel free to send it to and I’ll pass it on, if you’d like. Or just let me know how you did, or if you have any questions about participating in the race. That’s what I’m here for, as part of our virtual running community.

By signing up for the Love 2 Run virtual race, you’ll also be helping a worthy charity – a percentage of every race registration fee will be donated to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a charity that dedicates its times and resources to create unique, sports-related and outdoor experiences for seriously ill children and their families, providing them with opportunities they otherwise would not have. This active charity brings what they call “healing experiences” to over 25,000 children and families annually, entirely free of charge, due to the generous donors and volunteers who help ensure they can continue to do this work.

Rgister today – for yourself, and sign up a loved one as well, for a special Valentine’s Day race that will help you create a memories to last a lifetime, and earn yourself a heart-shaped medal that will last much longer than a heart-shaped box of chocolates. (Though you can have one of those, too, if you like, as a post-race reward.)  Have a great run and a happy Valentine’s Day!

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