Top Gifts For The Beer Lover

Many runners love to come home after a long run and enjoy a cold glass of beer. We've put together this gift guide for anyone who has a deep love for both running and beer. This list includes the top gifts for any beer lover and runner from Gone For a Run. These gifts are mostly unisex, with some exceptions. Use this list for your favorite beer-loving guy or girl. Look through our selections, then consider your runner friend's personality before selecting the perfect gift. This gift guide is perfect for Christmas, birthdays and any other gift-giving occasion.

The first item on this list is the perfect gift for any beer-loving marathoner. This 20-ounce beer pint glass is etched with all of the different measurements of the distance of a marathon. The second option is perfect for any beer-loving runner girl. This navy blue wide neck fleece sweatshirt for runners is printed with a message that reads, "First I Run the Miles then I Drink the Beer". A maple wood bottle opener that is engraved with "Will Run for Beer" is a useful and unique gift. The fourth gift idea is perfect for a beer-loving runner guy. These guy's running shorts are made to look like they're full of foamy beer. Any beer-loving runner will like to dress up in "Will Run for Beer" knee-high socks for their next race. The second beer pint glass on this list is etched with race distances that are made to look like measurements on the glass.

Enhance any beer lover's home décor with a "Then I Drink the Beer" running throw pillow in white and gray. Another great home décor item is a running metal wall art panel that reads, "Will Run for Beer" in bold orange and blue colors. Your beer-loving runner friend will stand out from the crowd in a "Run Now Beer Later" men's running short sleeve tech tee in lime green. Another set of compression knee socks features a repeating beer mug print. Give any beer-loving girl the perfect outfit for her next race with a "Will Run for Beer" women's running outfit. The final gift idea is a running stone coaster that is perfect for holding a beer glass.