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  • Posted by: Gone For a Run Team on Sep 11, 2018

    Runners log so many miles outside that unless you run in the dark, you are continually exposed to the sun and its damaging rays. Even on cloudy or overcast days, the sun’s UV radiation can still reach your skin. Although the sun is stronger in the warmer months than in the winter, protection is a year-round must for runners or any other outdoor athlete.
  • Posted by: Gone For a Run Team on Sep 10, 2018

    The best kind of headband is one that does not slip when running. This is the number one requirement for all runners and athletes. The headband also needs to be comfortable and, of course, fashionable. A moisture-wicking feature along with a UPF rating are nice bonuses for a runner’s headband.
  • Posted by: Gone For a Run Team on Aug 28, 2018

    Coffee is controversial in general, and especially among runners and other athletes who want to be as healthy as possible. So, is drinking a cup of coffee before you run good or bad? Contrary to its reputation as...
  • Posted by: Gone For a Run on Aug 2, 2018

    We have curated 12 of the funniest and most-relatable cartoons and memes for and about runners that are sure to make any runner (or fan of a runner) smile. You voted and here are the results.
  • Posted by: GoneForaRun on Jul 31, 2018

    Before, during or in between runs a smoothie can be a quick and easy form of fuel for your body. Not all smoothies are created equal, however, and runners need to choose the right kind. What are the best smoothies for runners? It’s all in the ingredients, and those depend on when you will drink them.
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