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  • Posted by: Alexis on Sep 26, 2019

    At the core of ChalkTalk SPORTS and Gone For a RUN's missions is supporting our community as well as charitable organizations. We are proud to donate thousands each year to many organizations around the nation. Recently we had the opportunity to support a local organization close to our hearts and the hearts of our 3 office dogs, who are all rescues! As soon as we heard about the animals at the Connecticut Humane Society needing blankets for bedding, we knew we had a cozy solution for them!
  • Posted by: Alexis on Sep 13, 2019

    Running has many amazing benefits for mind + body, but it also puts considerable strain on your cardiovascular system, joints, muscles, and bones! Proper post-run recovery is critical to avoid injury, maximize benefits from your run, and stay healthy. Post-run recovery is just as important if not MORE important to avoid injury and reduce the amount of recovery time needed. Runners often forget to listen to their body and take the proper steps towards recovery. You don’t have to wake up the next day sore as you take each step! Don’t be the runner without a recovery plan – that’s why we have 5 Tips to Recover Post Run!
  • Posted by: Alexis on Aug 26, 2019

    Virtual races were founded around the idea of convenience and flexibility! If you haven’t run a virtual race before it’s a ton of fun! It is a great way to stay motivated, keep active and achieve your running goals. By choosing a virtual race, you don't have to get up at pre-dawn hours to complete your race and you still get the benefit of running a race with 1000’s of other runners across the US! With virtual races from Gone For A RUN (GFR), you can connect with other runners through our social media groups and through the Charge Running App (more about that later). With virtual races you can run whenever and wherever you please within the designated virtual race schedule!
  • Posted by: Gone For a Run Team on May 21, 2019

    Like the road itself, training for a race or event has hills and valleys. On days when those hills feel more like mountains, it helps to have some inspiration to motivate and encourage us to persevere. While we frequently reward ourselves after we achieve a goal, sometimes what we really need is something to keep us going while we are working toward that finish line. One way to be inspired is by wearing an Inspirational Bracelet.
  • Posted by: Gone For a Run Team on May 10, 2019

    Whether it is a first marathon or the twenty-first, completing a marathon is the culmination of hundreds of hours of training and die-hard determination. Such an achievement deserves a special gift of recognition and reward. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose. Below are the top 10 gifts that we know will please any marathoner.
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