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  • Posted by: Coach Guy on Dec 11, 2018

    This year was the 42nd running of “America’s friendliest marathon”! The three races are always held on the same day, with the 8k starting first at 7 am, the half at 7:30 am, and finally the Marathon at 7:45 am. So what is it that makes this event so friendly and special? Well, it could be how the community comes together – from the Sportsbackers, who put on great events in and around the river city – to the volunteers, who devote their time to make sure every aspect of the event runs smoothly – to the party zones, where people offer encouragement when it’s needed most – to the runners themselves, who endured months of training, coming together to compete and complete their goals.
  • Posted by: Coach Guy on Nov 28, 2018

    Improvements in fitness occur when the body is recovering from the rigors of training, not during the actual run. That’s when the body is being challenged and broken down. This is why it’s important to recovery properly, ensuring that tough workout will improve fitness during a training cycle.
  • Posted by: Gone For a Run Team on Nov 19, 2018

    Here at Gone For A Run, we consider running as a way of life. There are all kinds of runners: marathon runners, casual runners, experienced runners, beginning runners, returning runners, even runners who don’t like to run but do it because their friends do. Not everyone who aspires to the running life succeeds in being a habitual runner.
  • Posted by: Coach Guy on Oct 29, 2018

    "Running with Purpose" can mean many things. Let me start by saying that having a purpose in anything you do is one of the most contributing factors to overall success. Having purpose in running puts training in perspective. It's present when you need to be reminded of your goals, whatever they may be.
  • Posted by: Gone For a Run Team on Oct 3, 2018

    These socks are more than just pretty colors with nice sayings. Woven from a moisture-wicking synthetic fiber that keeps feet dry and lessens the possibility of blisters, they feel soft and comfortable. Padded foot contours provide arch support, and terry loops throughout the sole add extra cushioning to help offset the impact on the feet when they hit the ground. The low cut means these socks work well with shorts in the summer or full-length running tights in the winter, and the tab at the back of the ankle keeps the sock in place and has extra padding to reduce irritation from heel friction.
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