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Your Search For The Perfect Bag Has Come To An End

The endless search for the perfect bag has come to an end thanks to FLYTE. Meet Adélie, your new best friend, and sidekick.

3 Flight Bag Styles

As a fitness pro, my day has me wearing many hats all at the same time. Running to and from the studio, a session with a client, the dog park, or some version of that on a daily basis. It’s been a struggle to find a bag that I can take with me all day and use it as seamlessly as the Adélie. First, the bag looks great! It comes in 3 colorways and each has a coordinating pouch inside. I have the blue/orange combo (as pictured below) which comes with a bright orange insert that can easily transform into a purse.

Blue Flyte Bag with Orange Clutch

There is a cross-body strap that can be used to make the tote into a duffel or the insert into a purse. Personally, I use the insert to hold my valuables (wallet, phone, keys) and leave it inside the tote with the strap attached. This makes it easy when you have to run a quick errand, you can pull out the insert to use as your handbag. I love that it also keeps you from rummaging around to find your keys when you’re in a rush! If you have traditional keys that are on a key ring, there is a clip and leash inside the duffel that you can attach the keys for easy access.

There are many pockets inside the tote as well to help you stay organized. The mesh side pocket is great to store a change of clothes or your gym sneakers, along with an additional zip pocket and open pocket (cell phone sized) on the other side of the bag. Great options for little items whether it’s headphones, lip-gloss, snacks, or grippy socks for the barre. I love that FLYTE™ really thought about how to help us stay organized.

Inside Silver Flyte Bag

I use my FLYTE™ bag as my everyday bag but today I went to the park so I packed my Adélie accordingly. The sun is strong here in Denver, CO so I bring my sunscreen (reapplying isn’t an option it’s a necessity), moisturizer (the air is extremely dry so it’s important to keep hydrated), water, picnic blanket, book, sunglasses, sunhat (also a must-have), face mask, plus all the basics including wallet, keys, and phone. Why did I list all those items? Because they all fit! And I still have plenty of room for anything else I want to bring along. The Adélie has no center divider which means it’s easy to pack especially if you have larger items such as a big blanket or want to use your Adélie for a weekend trip!

Camo Flighty Bag

FLYTE™ bags are made with a technical fabric so they will withstand being tossed from the car to the gym floor while maintaining their shape and color. Another favorite feature of mine is the fabric is washable! Did you just hear hallelujah or was that just me?! You can toss both the duffel and the pouch in the washer (I use a delicate cycle) and then line dry. Voilà. Good as new.

Navy Flight Bag

The purpose and motivation behind FLYTE was to design a bag that you could take anywhere and everywhere, even though we all aren’t hopping on a planes to anywhere right now, we will again soon so I want to share what the outside of this bag has to offer.

This pocket that I am holding my sandals in, is a large zip pocket that runs the length of the bag so you can store large flatter items such as sandals.

Silver Flight Bag

On the back of the bag, there is another pocket with a button closure. At first glance, it just looks like another large pocket, which it is, but it also functions as a luggage sleeve. The bottom is a zipper so you can use it to hold your items, or unzip and to slide over your luggage handle. Everything about this bag has been well thought out to help you make it through your day a little easier. There are even side pockets for you to stash your water bottle or zip your metro card for your convenience.

Camo Flight Bag

As a dedicated yogi (and yoga instructor), I am bringing my mat to practice at the park. There is no specific strap to hold the mat, but you can roll it up and place it between the shoulder straps and you are good to go. In my experience, it rests nicely on the top of the bag and won’t slide off. A nice touch is a clasp that holds the shoulder straps together. Don’t you just hate it when one strap keeps falling down and you have to adjust? FLYTE™ solved that and because it holds the straps so perfectly, I believe that’s why my yoga mat always stays intact, no extra straps needed.

Now that my FLYTE™ bag is packed and ready to go, it’s time to head off to the park!

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