Decorative Medal Wall Hangers For Runners

Your collection of race medals tells a deeply personal story of your journey as a runner. They may simply look like metal discs on ribbons to someone else, but you see all of the races you've ever completed. You see your personal bests and your transformation over time. These cherished awards deserve an important place in your home. Dust off your medals, get them out of whatever drawer or closet you've been storing them in and proudly showcase the entire collection with a decorative race medal wall hanger from Gone For a Run. These decorative medal hangers for runners are just as unique as your personal running story and are able to turn your medals into a work of art.

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In order to provide you with the highest-quality product possible, we hand-forge our runner's medal displays from steel. We then powder coat the frame black and print the bamboo or wooden plaque insert with one of our original, run-themed designs. The slide level underneath the insert easily opens and closes to allow you to slide each one of your hard-earned medals onto the display. Each of our race medal holders features enough space for approximately 24 running awards. If you find yourself needing more space later on, we also offer optional hanger extension bars.

You'll love how our decorative race medal hangers look hanging in your home. Shop the large selection to find the design that suits your personality best. There are designs that focus solely on the running aspect of the medals, such as our runner girl and runner guy options. Others are meant to motivate you and keep you going when the running gets tough, like our running quote and run mantra options. Some are made to celebrate specific race distances and include options such as half marathon, marathon and triathlon. If you'd prefer an even more personal running medal holder, we also offer fully customizable options. Add your name, a quote of your choosing or even a collection of your own personal photos. These custom medal displays also make ideal gifts for any runners in your life.

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