BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib and Medal Display - Inspire to RUN Chalkboard BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib and Medal Display - Inspire to RUN Chalkboard
BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib and Medal Display - Inspire to RUN Chalkboard
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BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib and Medal Display - Inspire to RUN Chalkboard - Personalization Image
BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib and Medal Display - Inspire to RUN Chalkboard
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MedalART Hanger Extension Bar
MedalART Hanger Extension Bar

Gone For a Run MedalART hangers are a great way to display your hard earned race medals. However, each one can only hold so many race awards. If you’ve run out of room on your race medal hanger, instantly expand its capacity with one of our MedalART hanger extension bars. These bars easily hang onto any MedalART hanger that is 13 inches wide or more. They add room for 12 to 15 extra race medals, so that you can display your entire collection. To add additional room to your medal display, simply add more extension bars. Add up to three to double, triple or quadruple the number of medals in your display.

Add Race Bib Vinyl Protector Sleeves (Set of 12)
Add Race Bib Vinyl Protector Sleeves (Set of 12)

Insert race bibs into these custom designed vinyl bib protector sleeves made from top quality vinyl that protect the bibs from unintentional damage as people look through the album. The top of the insert has a writeable surface to add race information. The sheets are designed to fit BibFOLIO albums perfectly and can also be used to insert photos and other small race memorabilia. Sold in packs of 12.

Add My Race STAT Inserts (Set of 12)
Add My Race STAT Inserts (Set of 12)

Keep track of the stats for each race with these My Race STAT inserts that fit into the vinyl sleeves along with a bib so to easily look up specific race information and track progress as a runner over time. Sold in packs of 12.

Green Reusable Gift Bag
Green Reusable Gift Bag

Add a reusable gift bag to your order to make your gift giving easy! This gift bag measures at 15" X 20" and features a pull ribbon closure and a tag to write a special message to your recipient for an extra special touch.

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Ideal for showcasing running bibs and medals, our BibFOLIO™ Plus wall hanger has a great chalkboard-style, inspirational design for a great running gift that will really stand out in almost any runner's home. Runners work hard to earn their medals and bibs, and this is the perfect way from them to proudly display the two side by side, as they are meant to be. The hand-forged black metal display has a sturdy frame that comes fitted with a metal slider bar that can hold as many as 24 medals. For larger or growing collections, it is easy to customize the BibFOLIO+™ by adding extension bars,each of which hold an additional 24 medals, in order to create a medal hanger that is the perfect size for any runner, at any point along the way on their running journey.

The BibFOLIO® race bib album sits at the top of the display, above the medals, with a hardwood cover custom printed with the unique faux chalkboard design. The album is bound with twist cable rings that unscrew easily in order to add race bibs or vinyl protector sheets by sliding the opened rings through the holes at the top. The album can accommodate 100 bibs, or 50 in vinyl sleeves, and once the rings are closed, they'll be both secured and organized inside the easy to browse album, which will tell the one-of-a-kind story of a runner's life.

Race Bib Vinyl Protector Sheets - Recommended
Made from high quality vinyl, our race bib protector sleeves are the perfect size for the BibFOLIO album and protect the bibs contained within from unintentional damage or wear and tear from years of looking through the album. At the top of each sleeve, there is a writable space, perfect for keeping a record of details about each individual race. The race bib vinyl protector sleeves are sold separately in packages of 12. An ideal way to create a one-of-a-kind album that tells a runner's story from the perspective of the races they were a part of, and an amazing gift idea for any runner.

Please note: the chalkboard effect on the race bib album cover is achieved via our proprietary printing process. The race bib album cover will have a glossy finish and cannot be written on with chalk.
  • BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib and Medal Display protects and beautifully displays your collection of bibs and medals from marathons, half-marathons, 5Ks, triathlons, road races, and other athletic events
  • Holds up to 24 medals and 100 race bibs (or 50 vinyl protector sheets). Additional BibFOLIO Race Bib Insert/Protector Sheets (in packs of 12) and My Race STATS Journal Inserts can be purchased separately from Gone For A Run
  • Made of hand-forged black metal and measures 14"W X 10.25"H, professionally printed ¼” laminated wood cover measures 9.5" X 8"
  • Slide Medals on bottom bar to display. Extension Bar holds another 24 medals and is available exclusively from Gone For A Run
  • Bibs hang from upper hooks
  • Personalization option available on most BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib and Medal Displays
  • Easy to install. Includes complete screw set, wall anchors and 12 vinyl protector sheets which fit most racing bibs - oversized bibs can be folded. Also includes rubber stand-offs to protect the wall.