PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flops (Light Blue) PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flops (Light Blue)

PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flops (Light Blue)



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Power up your recovery with a pair of PR SOLES®. These specially designed flip-flops include cushioned ACUPOINT® Patent Pending soles, which massage your feet using acupressure points. Each trigger point creates massing on your feet. Foot massage can activate your nerve endings and encourages increased circulation as well as the breakup of painful uric and lactic acids. By stimulating your nerves, massaging action can help alleviate lower back, leg and foot pain while eliminating swelling and tension. This will help you experience a faster recovery time and relief for your sore feet and legs. Be aware that the first time you wear PR SOLES® sandals, you may experience some discomfort until your feet adapt. It is also recommended that you measure your feet and choose your size based on our size chart.

How Do PR SOLES® Work? The unique raised “triggers” on the ACUPOINT® soles activate nerve endings in the feet. These triggers are specially designed to massage your feet. Massage has been proven to improve circulation and break up painful lactic and uric acid that accumulates in the feet after a run or any extended time on your feet.  

Recover Stronger and Smarter By slipping on PR SOLES® after a run or activity, the triggers will immediately engage your feet. Massage increases circulation and nerve stimulation which benefits the entire body. Here are just a few of the benefits of applying massaging action to the feet: 

1. Improves circulation by stimulating blood flow, which will refresh the feet and legs. 

2. Breaks up accumulated wastes such as lactic and uric acid in the feet. 

3. Alleviates foot, leg and lower back pain. 

4. Reduces swelling and tension.

5. Stimulates nerve endings benefiting the entire body.

6. Feet and legs recover faster.

First Use When wearing PR SOLES® for the first time, some people with sensitive feet may experience slight “ouchies” from the massage trigger points. This is normal for some feet to initially feel a little sensitive. Your feet will adapt quickly and you will soon be saying “ahhh...”

PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flops Sizing PR SOLES Recovery Flip Flops are designed to be the most comfortable recovery footwear. The footbed allows your foot to breath comfortably, and will accommodate swollen feet after long runs or being on your feet for an extended period of time. For the best fit, we recommend that you measure your foot and compare that number to the foot bed length in the size chart. Choose the size corresponding to the foot bed length that is slightly longer than your foot.

  • Calibrated patent-pending ACUPOINT® Footbed Triggers Active Massage
  • Foot massaging benefits include:
    • improved circulation benefiting the entire body
    • Breaks up accumulated lactic acid to detoxify the body
    • Alleviates foot, leg and lower back pain and reduces swelling and tension
  • Cushioned footbed also provides support

  • Cushioned thong-style strap
  • Wide comfort straps for maximum comfort

  • Durable Outersole for maximum traction
  • Water Resistant

  • Gently clean with mild soap and water