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Have you ever noticed that when something in society goes mainstream, there is a push to do bigger and better things? Running in races, whether it be half marathons or full marathons, is starting to become a common routine in many runner's lives. So how are runner's starting to stand out from another, and being noticed, other ran placing really well in big races? Well, how about they run a 100 mile ultra marathon.

Since 2003 the number of 100 mile ultra marathoners grew from 1,378 to 7,029 and in 2014 alone there was a 17 percent increase. Greg McMillan, of McMillan Running Coaching Services explained, "So many people have proven that they can finish a marathon. Now, they want the next challenge. It's a natural evolution."

How does a runner go about training for a 100 mile ultra marathon?
Step 1: Find a Trail - Most of these ultra marathons are on trails, so get used to running on different terrain.
Step 2: Stay on your feet - You need to train your body to stand for more than 24 hours.
Step 3: Progress - Don't jump right into the 100 mile trail, start with shorter trails while your body learns how to tolerate the distance.
Step 4: Don't over do it - Don't burn yourself out early in your ultra marathon training.
Step 5: Get a crew - For moral support of course!
Step 6: Break up the 100 miles - Find a way to chop the miles up!
Step 7: Tough it out, don't panic during your run.
Step 8: Don't Stop after the first 100 miles - Training for this ultra marathon is a huge learning curve. Practice makes perfect.
Step 9:  You know when your ready when you can visualize your success.
Step  10:  Look to others who have completed these ultra marathons for advice.

What are your opinions on 100 mile ultra marathons? Has anyone completed one or know of anyone who has?

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